The Field Sports Complex offers multiple leagues, including but not limited
to boys and girls 5yrs – 17 years old, this leagues are played normally on
Saturdays and occasionally weekdays depending on facility’s schedule and
team availability.

  • We also offer:

    • A men’s open competitive league (18 & over) played on Sundays.

    • A Co-Ed 18+ division, played normally on Wednesday nights.

    • A women’s 21+ league, played on Thursday nights.

    • A recreational Men’s 30+ league, played on Friday nights.

Youth Leagues
Our youth leagues are recreational, we have two winter seasons to offer,
parents have a great time watching their kids play a great sport at a
recreational level.

We also offer a competitive second session as well as tournaments.
Always maintaining a fun environment.
High school Leagues

Our High School leagues are played in a very competitive but fun
environment, these games have five players on the field plus a keeper.
Depending on the amount of teams we divide the league into freshman +
sophomores, and junior + seniors.

Adult Leagues
Bring your teams of Co-ed 18+, Women 21+ and Men 30+.
We are committed to offer you the best adult soccer you can find as well
as the most affordable.
There are a lot of adults who would like to play but don’t have a team, if
you are one of them do not hesitate to contact us and register under the
“Looking for a team” tab, and we’ll do our best to find you a team.




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